Summer 2019 - by Shelley

Summer has finally arrived with the appearance of tiny wild strawberries, blossoms on the thimbleberry plants, and so many variations of the color green! For some reason, I have an affinity toward the bright and feathery flowers of both orange and yellow hawkweed. It was fun to hear that guests had even discovered edible oyster mushrooms on the property.

Tiny tadpoles wriggle about in a rain-filled pool along the driveway, and Ravens can always be heard calling through the trees. The lupines are in full bloom along the roadside, and large stands of milkweed attract many monarch butterflies.

By day, fawns can now be seen at the heels of their mothers, and fireflies light up the yard at night with their bright blinking glow.

It’s finally hot enough to take that dip into Lake Superior! So get out and enjoy summer in the wild!


April Snow 2019 by Shelley

Devin and I enjoyed a hike on the green and blue trails a few days after the snowstorm that hit the entire state of Minnesota. It was easy hiking through not-so-deep snow, and we were still able to see the remnants of melting Snowshoe Hare and Ruffed Grouse tracks. There are eagles soaring overhead, and ravens calling through the trees. The dogs have a new enthusiasm for sniffing and digging, as the smells of spring and critters on the move lie just under the dwindling layer of white. The air is warm and comfortable, and even a few ice chunks in my boots don’t bother me. Trees are on the verge of budding, sprigs of green glint in the afternoon sun, and small pools develop as the solidity of winter loosens its grip on the forest.