Before you Arrive:

Our location is OFF THE GRID and OFF THE BEATEN PATH! Be sure your cell phones are charged (unless you have your own small electrical packs or solar charger). Bring drinking water and your cooler with fresh ice for cold food storage. The cabin is heated with a propane furnace, and you may also light a fire in the wood stove. There are some battery operated lights, as well as propane lights mounted in each room. Please see information below for lighting the propane lights AND the wood stove. They are not complicated, but you need to know the proper steps to assure safety and care of the fixtures.

We will inform you of the lockbox code prior to your arrival. We will need to know the license plate number of the vehicle you are driving before you arrive. (This is required by Lake County), and we’d like to know if you are traveling with a dog. You may want to pack house shoes or slippers due to the concrete floor.

The driveway is a newly constructed road through the woods and can be challenging at times.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and please feel free to contact us at any time.

How to light Propane Lamps:

As shown in the video, the steps to lighting the propane lamps are

1. Light match (or long butane lighter)

2. Without touching the fine netting (mantel) with match or lighter, hold flame under mantel

3. Turn the lever to “on” position (starts propane flow to lamp). It will “POP” on.

To turn off, simply turn the lever completely to “off” position

How to Light the Wood Stove

When you light the wood stove, be sure the damper is turned to the open position, (a coil handle for which the VERTICAL position - not at an angle - is OPEN on our stove) then use some birch bark or paper (lit) to warm the flue: Hold the lit material up the chimney. This will allow it to draw smoke and create the updraft needed to get the fire started without getting too much smoke backed up into the cabin. Have your kindling stacked in a teepee shape or “box” shape before warming the flue. Once the chimney is warm, you can light the wax fire starter or paper under the kindling. Let the fire get established before adding logs.