Thoughtful Amenities

“This was the perfect little weekend getaway! We brought our dogs and we all loved connecting with nature!”

- Megan


“So much consideration went into this place & it shows! Breath taken away!”

- Kayla

Natural Wonders

What a comfortable, secluded getaway near so many natural wonders. We appreciated the atmosphere created by artwork and attention to detail - from soap to fun snacks to furnishings. The surroundings provided rare sought after experiences during relaxing evenings during the slow hours before dark. One conversation was interrupted by the sudden crash both heard and felt of a large tree falling in the woods. Another conversation was interrupted by the rustling of summer leaves announcing the arrival of special guests that left too soon. A mother bear and two small cubs on their way elsewhere hugged the edge of the clearing. The mother surveyed surroundings while the cubs foraged or enjoyed smells along their route. The thrill of that safe encounter will remain for a lifetime. We chose long hikes in Gooseberry, Split Rock, and Tettegouche State Parks where we saw contemplative streams, undeveloped lakes, beautifully colored berries and flowers, the filtered lighting of the shaded forest, history provoking rock formations, roaring waterfalls, and expansive views of Lake Superior. We solved trail puzzles by wading through cool tugging water and skirting a built up beaver pond generations in the making. Thank you for pointing out Black Beach. We stopped briefly and were rewarded with another reminder of The Lake’s superior scenes.

- Beth




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